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Witness Collection works with many different organisations and individuals for its research and art projects. If you are looking for more information on Vietnamese visual art, art history or conservation, the following connections and resources are a good place to start:

  1. BulletAsiarta Foundation

  2. BulletNational Gallery Singapore

  3. BulletSingapore Art Museum

  4. BulletHeritage Conservation Centre, Singapore

  5. BulletFukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

  6. BulletNational Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

  7. BulletBritish Museum, UK

  8. BulletConservation Unit, Northumbria University School of Arts and Social Sciences, UK

  9. BulletThe Vietnam Fine Arts Association (in Vietnamese)

  10. BulletVietnam Fine Art Museum, Hanoi

  11. BulletHo Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum

  12. BulletHuế College of Arts (in Vietnamese)

  13. BulletAsia Art Archive, Hong Kong

  14. BulletIndochina Arts Partnership, US

  15. BulletDogma Collection

  16. BulletdiaCRITICS

  17. BulletSOI - arts news and stories (in Vietnamese)

  18. BulletSàn Art - Independent Artist Space, Ho Chi Minh City

  19. BulletNhà Sàn Collective - Contemporary Art Studio, Hanoi

  20. BulletL’Espace Hanoi (in French or Vietnamese)

We are often asked to suggest art galleries where collectors or those interested in Vietnamese art may seek out original, high quality works. While there appear to be a vast number of galleries in Vietnam, there are very few that showcase the best artists and have a professional reputation. The following galleries all have a track record of working with some of Vietnam’s leading artists - each with a different intended audience and focus:

  1. BulletArt Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi

  2. BulletGalerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City

  3. BulletThavibu Gallery, Bangkok

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