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Witness Collection has been extremely fortunate to receive the generous support of a wide range of individuals and institutions who have been most gracious in providing their advice, insights, resources and practical assistance - as well as sharing their specialised skills and knowledge. We are deeply appreciative to each and every one and they all deserve a great deal of thanks...

In Vietnam:

To all the Vietnamese artists and their families who we have had the pleasure to work with, but a few deserve special mention for friendship, advice, support and assistance that has gone well beyond their customary roles as artists:

Lê Quảng Hà and family

Tú Duyên and family

Thái Hà and family

Phạm Thanh Tâm and family

Nguyễn Xuân Việt and family

Uyên Huy

Nguyễn Xuân Tiệp

Lương Xuân Đoàn

Nguyễn Văn Cường

Lê Hồng Thái

Phạm Huy Thông

Nguyễn Tấn Cương

Văn Dương Thành

Hồ Hữu Thủ

Đinh Quân

Lý Trực Sơn

Nguyễn Thị Phước Khanh

Vũ Bình

Nguyễn Quang Dy

Nguyễn Thu Hàng

Mrs Hàng and Dương Anh Tuấn

Nguyễn Trần Điêu Linh

Dr Trần Long

Patricia and Ambassador TK Lim

Jimmy Chua

Bill Manson

Mrs Quê

Trần Kim Hạnh

Jono Sharrock

Rob Boulden

Nguyễn Thi Phượng

Lưu Ngọc Bích

Directors and staff at Vietnam Fine Art Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum, Vietnam Fine Art University, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In Singapore:

Management, curators and staff at the National Heritage Board;

National Gallery Singapore; Singapore Art Museum and

the Heritage Conservation Centre - in particular:

Michael Koh

Dr Eugene Tan

Kwok Kian Chow

Low Sze Wee

Dr Phoebe Scott

Dr Adele Tan

Joyce Fan

Loh Heng Noi

Melissa Tan, Chen Weiwen and colleagues at EDB

Patricia Levasseur de la Motte

Liao Chung Hui

Elsewhere in Asia:

Bettina Ebert

Rosario Marcelino

Ambassador Maurizio Teucci

René Anant Feddersen

Bruce Blowitz (RIP a unique friend)

Jariya Huajaicham

Jan Jirayut

Mark Hammond

Peter Kiernan

Nani Kahar

Simon and Cynthia Gould

Pornthip Raksapiksu (Dashy)

Rob Collins

Jørn Middelborg

Marie Ryan

Tim and Maliwan Skevington

Lan Phuong and Marc Meuleau

In Europe:

Blake Ward and family

Alan Murphy

Allan Harper

Marietta Hackel

Karl and Hương Knüsel

David Brooks

Andrew Knox

In the UK:

A Jean Brown, Nicky Grimaldi, Dr Brian Singer and colleagues at Northumbria University

Sally MacMillan Armstrong

Surinder Singh (much missed)

In Australia:

Dr Boitran Huynh-Beattie (greatly respected and sadly missed)

Ray Beattie

Robert Bezuijen

Scott Frew

Katrina and Peter Cromby

In the US:

Bernard and Phyllis Kalb

Brad and Karen Albright

Stephan and Illiana Memmen

C David Thomas

With sincere apologies to anyone we have inadvertently omitted.

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